Welcome to the Adirondack Lean-to Challenge!



This challenge was established to encourage people to get out into the wilderness and enjoy the Adirondacks for more than just a day hike. Through this challenge you will hopefully get a chance to experience it’s true wonders. Spending an evening in an Adirondack Lean-to can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience.

There are a number of challenges in the Adirondacks which require you to climb mountains, but there are no challenges which “require” you to hike, paddle, and camp in order to complete the challenge.

William Howard Lean-to



Rules, Regulations, & Etiquette

In the Adirondacks the lean-to is the most prominent man-made feature. It provides the comforts of home while in the backcountry – a short break or rest, relief from the unpleasantly cold or wet weather, a comfortable place to cook & eat, and a place to sleep. However, there are rules, regulations, and etiquette that need to be considered when staying in a lean-to:

  • Lean-tos are open to everyone up to the marked capacity of the shelter (usually 6).
  • Stay no more than three consecutive nights (without a DEC permit).
  • Do not make modifications or improvements to the structure
  • Do not deface any part of the lean-to
  • Do not set up a tent near or inside a lean-to
  • Extinguish all fires before leaving the lean-to
  • Do not go to the bathroom near a lean-to
  • Carry In/Carry Out (leave no trace)
  • If there is a log book, take the time to thank the lean-to adopters for maintaining the lean-to


State Land Camping & Hiking Rules

State Land use Regulations